Couples’ Workshop for Labor / Kate Nicholson

Upcoming dates: Sunday November 3rd from 4:30pm to 6:30pm Sunday February 16 from 4:30pm to 6:30pm

Studies show that the presence of a loving, confident birth partner can significantly improve birth outcomes and contribute to a positive experience for birthing women. In this workshop birth partners will learn a number of hands-on techniques to provide effective touch support for mom during different phases of labor and how to connect through non-verbal communication. Birth partners will learn comfort measures such as massage, yoga, acupressure and essential oils for pregnancy and birth. This workshop is a wonderful opportunity to slow down, connect and prepare together for exciting birth adventure that awaits! 

The Fourth Trimester / Kate Nicholson & Mary Quinn

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"The workshop that every woman who's ever had a baby wishes she'd had.”
You’ve spent plenty of time laying the groundwork for your ideal birth, but what is your plan once baby is actually here? Whether you are expecting your first, second or third baby, this workshop is designed for you. We’ll offer concepts, conversation, exercises, and resources to create a postpartum experience where you, your baby, whole family can thrive! We’ll cover topics such as setting the scene for rest and recovery, honoring your passage into motherhood, nourishing your body and soul, postpartum physical realities, balancing difficult moods and emotions, and nurturing your primary relationship with your partner.