Specialty Classes

Yoga TuneUp® with Ball Rolling

Offered monthly    (Please sign up online,  Class Schedule)                                                                                                 This Yoga Tune Up class offers an accessible approach to learning more about your body. This class will help you to gain a deeper understanding of your anatomy, develop kinesthetic awareness, and learn more about your movement patterns. We will delve deep into specific body topics such as core, hips, back, and shoulders as we explore approaches to releasing tension and maintaining health. This class will use different types of massage balls to incite self-care while investigating our body from the inside out. No previous knowledge or movement experience is necessary.      Resume in September


Aromaflow Yoga

Offered monthly, (Please sign up online,  Class Schedule)                                        
Join us to move, flow, breath and experience an aromathic awakening with the help of essential oils. This class aims to restore your natural energy and provide balance to the pace of modern living. You will leave the studio with knowledge you can take with you off the mat into your daily life and increase your sense of calm, happiness and profound relaxation. Resume in September