Monthly Classes

"YOGA & ESSENTIAL OILS for HEALTHY HORMONES" w/ Kate Nicholson and Sarah Kelley Friday January 11, from 5:30pm to 7:00pm Hormones are often the intricate underpinnings for much of the health or dis-ease that we experience day to day, month to month, life cycle to life cycle.  Fortunately, the comprehensive system of yoga and natural complexity of plant world can support our hormonal health beautifully.  While there is no one-size-fits-all to hormones, we will teach you simple pranyama and yoga practices that can incorporated into a daily home practice to cultivate what yogis call, dinacharya.   Then, we will circle up to discuss how therapeutic grade essential oils can support your hormonal health and which are our top 5 essential oils to recommend.  You will leave with oil samples to use at home after class!   This is a speciality mind-body-life class offered once a month.  You can do the drop-in rate $15 or apply your class pass.  We recommend registering in advance to reserve your spot! Next class Save the date: Friday March 8, 2019

Transitioning with Ease: New Year Yoga TuneUp® Self-Massage for the Hips and Spine w/ Mae Corwin Saturday January 12, 10:30am to 12:00pm Do you want to know how your hips and spine relate to your entire body and how they can support you in enjoying activities you love? In this specialty, mind-body-life class offered once a month, you will develop an understanding that aims to improve mobility and increase stability in order to find balance in your hips. During this class, we will use the Roll Model Therapy Balls- similar to receiving a deep tissue massage. Join us to reconnect and explore and discover harmony in your hips and spine. Discover an easy approach to releasing tension and maintaining health and balance in the hips and spine.