Specialty Classes

4 Weeks Beginners Series w/Murielle Tuesday from 10:30am to 11:45am November 27/December 4th/December 11/ December 18 This series of beginner's classes are perfect for those who have never done yoga before or even for those who have practiced but want to revisit the basics of yoga. Mats and props are provided. Please sign up on the class schedule.

Essential Oils For Emotional Well-Being w/ Kate Nicholson and Sarah Kelley Friday December 7 from 5:30pm to 7:00pm Are the winter months harder to feel your best?  Do you struggle to take care of yourself during the holidays?  Is life easily overwhelming these days?  Join Kate Nicholson & Sarah Kelley for this special class where we explore mind-body practices and natural tools to support your emotional wellness this winter.  The first half will include a brief guided meditation, specific pranyama or breath techniques and a gentle yoga flow sequence.  The second half will be a hands-on class showing you how to incorporate therapeutic grade essential oils into your self-care routine for emotional balance.  All participants will take home a gift of oil samples to use right away at home.  Please sign up on the class schedule

Untie Your Knots, Unwrap Your Shoulders: Yoga TuneUp® Self-Massage for the Holidays with Murielle Corwin Sunday December 9, 2018 From 9:00am to 10:30am While the holiday season can be fun and exciting, at times it may also feel stressful and tiring. Adding stressors to daily needs of our job, family, etc often manifests in our physical bodies as tension. Shopping? Cooking? Cleaning? Traveling? There is a reason massage therapists are often completely booked throughout the month of December. This one day workshop will give you all the tools you'll need to take care of yourself this season. Untie Your Knots, Unwrap Your Shoulders... May be the best gift you give yourself yet. This Yoga Tune Up® workshop will guide you through playful and challenging techniques that will help you deal with neck and shoulder tension, create spaciousness in the shoulder joints and increase your range of movement. Begin the journey to strong and supple shoulders with this accessible workshop, appropriate for all levels of experience. Please sign up on the class scedule