Class Descriptions

Sunrise Yoga

This playful class incorporates the principles of Yoga Tune Up® with the dynamic flow of Vinyasa Yoga. Enjoy a deep yoga practice moving through sequences that include traditional Sun Salutation and standing postures and arm balances This class will will move you to your edge   and then will wind down with restorative poses. This is an open class, all levels welcome.


This class is dynamic and energetic. You will build strength, flexibility and concentration. Get ready to take your practice seriously, but yourself lightly. Come explore your edge and discover your power. This is an all levels class.

Mat & Barre

Barre Flow combines some aspect of yoga, pilates, barre fitness and classic strength training. The class focus on posture and form and the smooth transitions between exercises allowing  you to find ease in movement, coordination and flexibility, while getting a wonderfully crafted workout. All Level        

Power Vinyasa

Power vinyasa offers a challenging workout for building strength, flexibility, endurance, and body awareness. A more challenging and flowing form of yoga that heals, detoxifies and electrifies the body and mind at their deepest levels, both on and off the mat. You will leave feeling energized, clear and refreshed.

Slow Flow

The pace of this class is slower with emphasis placed on alignment. Through intelligent sequencing of yoga postures and focus on connecting movement with breath — you will gradually develop strength and flexibility. This is the perfect place to start exploring a yoga practice. You will be introduced to asana (postures), pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation. All Levels welcome.

Candlelight Flow

Warm up and let go during candlelight flow. This inwardly focused class offers slow and mindful movements to build gentle heat in the body and cultivate stillness in the mind. A flowing, ethereal blend of balance and restorative postures is the perfect way to release your day, soothe your nerves, and promote better sleep. All levels welcome.

Yoga For Women

A woman's body is unique — marked by phases including puberty, fertility, perinatal, menopause to post-menopause or the 'wisdom years'. A yoga practice has the potential to support positive transformation and health through these natural cycles. This class will explore how mindful movement and breath work can facilitate ease and bring energy during different chapters of a women's life. All levels welcome.

Yin Yoga

This class is an invitation to take time for yourself, for deep relaxation and rejuvenation. A variety of props will be used to fully support the body in heart openers, twists, forward bends, hip openers and inversions. The focus will be on ease and breath awareness. This is an all levels class and is also recommended for pre and post natal.

Specialty Class: Monthly Yoga Tune up

January 12, 2019 from 10:30-12:00pm with Mae Do you want to know how your hips and spine relate to your entire body and how they can support you in enjoying activities you love? In this specialty, mind-body-life class offered once a month, you will develop an understanding that aims to improve mobility and increase stability in order to find balance in your hips. During this class, we will use the Roll Model Therapy Balls- similar to receiving a deep tissue massage. Join us to reconnect and explore and discover harmony in your hips and spine. Discover an easy approach to releasing tension and maintaining health and balance in the hips and spine.

Private instruction

One on One Attention. Private Sessions can be customized to fit each individual's needs, experience, interests and level. If you are a beginner, it is a great way to learn proper alignment and the names of the poses. If you are intermediate or advanced, you can take your practice a step further and work on mastering difficult poses. Private sessions can also center around stress reduction.



Rates & Membership

Drop in
$10 Drop In for College Students
*offer available for In-Studio purchase only (must have valid School ID)


$40 for unlimited yoga for 30 days
*Can only be purchased at First Visit

10 CLASS PASS $120 *classes DO NOT expire
5 CLASS PASS $70 *classes DO NOT expire

10% Discount for Seniors, Midcoast Employees, Military, and Brunswick School District Employees. ** Discount does not apply to memberships or promotional pricing

*** Specials and promotional pricing expiration dates may vary

Unlimited Yoga Memberships

$90 for One Month Unlimited
(may be purchased a la carte, no commitment)

$75 per month Auto-Renewal Monthly Unlimited
(3 month minimum commitment)

$65 per month Auto-Renewal Monthly Unlimited for College Students  
***must have valid School ID (3 month minimum commitment)

PLEASE NOTE: Auto-Pay Membership includes mat, towel, mat storage, 10% off select merchandise and one free guest pass per month. All packages do not include Special Events or Workshops.

Gift Cards also available for purchase

SPECIAL 10% DISCOUNT for senior citizens, students, military personnel and MCH employees, Brunswick school district. Offer is only available in person at the studio.