Upcoming Yoga Trainings


Introduction to Trauma-Informed Yoga / Meg LeMay

Friday, April 5th from 6:00pm-9:00pm and Saturday, April 6th from 10:30am-7:30pm  

This training led by Meg LeMay Ph.D. is designed for yoga teachers, mind/body practitioners professionals who want to learn more about what is trauma and how it manifests in the mind and body. This training will focus on how yoga can be used as a powerful healing tool.

We will cover: . . The physiological framework of trauma and the latest findings in the field of trauma research           

.Trauma-informed language, cueing, and sequencing .Yoga postures, breathing techniques, and meditations that support healthy self-regulation     

.Social justice and collective trauma

.Vicarious trauma and self-care

Deepen your understanding of how trauma affects individuals & the community at large and equip yourself with the skills needed to empower those you serve. Cost: $150, Class size is limited to 15 students, scholarship and financial aid available. Early bird special! $130.00 until March 1st, 2019! For more information please email meg.lemay@gmail.com